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How we work

At Integra Finance we believe in a structured approach to financial planning. This helps you fully understand what is happening every step of the way, and enables you to have the time that you need to make these important decisions.

Step 1: Initial Appointment

We start with a detailed and confidential interview to establish your present financial circumstances, your aspirations and your future needs. We also explain how we work and our approach to financial planning.

Step 2: Analysis

We will then take this information and produce a report or product research along with any back up information such as key features document, investment information etc.

Step 3: Presentation

We will present our findings and talk you through any report or product research we have completed.

Step 4: Implementation

Should you wish to proceed with our recommendations; we will assist you through the implementation process.

Step 5: Review

We will meet for regular reviews at our client's convenience based upon what has been agreed at the outset. As part of the review either an update will be provided, or, if necessary we will carry out a full review of your circumstances.